Cash On Delivery – The Fluffy Company


We Offer a Partial Cash on Delivery (COD) option, where you can pay 25% of bill amount online and the balance 75% using cash on delivery method upon receiving the order.

The Partial Payment feature comes in handy while dealing with large transactions, where the customer finds paying the total amount in parts more convenient than paying the entire amount upfront.

Use coupon code PARTPAY25 to prepay only 25% at the time of placing the order.


Q. Why do we have only partial cash on delivery and not a 100% COD option?
A. We deal in large sized furniture items, which require trucking and concierge. This option is to facilitate genuine COD customers while safeguarding business from fake orders or product rejections.

Q. Is Partial COD available in my location?
A. We have partnered with multiple courier companies that ship across India, therefore we are able to make this option available across India.

Q. How do I place a Partial COD order?
A. Once you have selected your product, add it to cart, Use coupon code PARTPAY25 to prepay 25%. So for example, if the product you buy is for  20,000 – then you would need to make 5,000 payment online and the remaining 15,000 cash on delivery.

Q. Are there any additional charges for partial COD?
A. No partial payments option has no hidden or additional charges.

Q. Can I apply 2 Promocodes at a time?
A. Only one coupon can be availed/applied at a time.

Q. What is the Return Policy for Part Pay Orders?
A. The Return policy is the same as published. It doesn't vary with the mode of payment.

Q. Is the partial COD option available on all products & orders?
A. You can avail partial COD option on all orders with a total value of ₹4,000 and above.