The Fluffy Company
A Convertible Blueprint

Dream up any modular layout and snap it in place. No bolts, no tools, no assembly, no fuss.

Cloud Comfort

Developed with industry-leading technology used in the luxury bedding space, we’ve reimagined the anatomy of a sofa—redefining how it feels to lounge.

THE IMPACT #1 19 million acres of deforestation occur annually. Our frameless design doesn't consume a single tree. Instead, it features low impact recycled foam. No cutting, no creaking, no cracking.
THE IMPACT #2 8% of global greenhouse emissions come from freight transportation—the result of clunky shipments meandering the globe before landing in your living room. Our eco-compression reduces emissions by over 300% per shipment.
THE IMPACT #3 Responsible Design—a design process focused on longevity to ensure your sofa lasts a lifetime and we consume less. A frameless design made with performance materials means there’s nothing to break and nothing to stain.