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Denver : Half-Moon Futon

₹ 3,390
This comfortable, highly versatile futon comes in three sizes to appeal to people of all ages and shapes. Undo the
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Rio : Modular 3+1 Sofa

 27,990  25,990
A neat comfortable sofa with a huge ottoman for a modern interior. The sofa consists of a pouf and three
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Mexico : The Folding Bean Bag Bed

₹ 3,490
When creating such a chair, we wanted to get maximum comfort and we succeeded in this product there is simplicity
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Porto : One Seater Sofa Bed

₹ 4,590
More than just a simple cube, our Porto sofa with just a flip, easily transforms into a total of three
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Kyoto Floor Sofa

₹ 19,990
The Minimal Living sofa, inspired by Japanese floor level furniture. First of all, the kyoto Sofa, which was designed to
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Belgium : Twin Modular Sofa

₹ 9,990
The Fluco Belgium bean bag sofa is a premium quilted, elastic structured, soft modular furniture solution for your home, office,
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Tokyo : Floor Cushion Sofa

₹ 14,990
Not just a piece of furniture, but it plays a role in adding style and warmth to a place. Along
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The Lazy Floor Sofa

₹ 21,990
The Minimal Living. A strong expressive value for a piece of furniture intended to stimulate our most creative and imaginative
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Belgium : Modular Three Seater Sofa

₹ 13,990
Snuggle up with your partner on a beautiful Belgium bean bag modular couch or just sprawl across in self indulgence
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Miami Sofa Bed

₹ 17,990
The Best looking Sofa Bed. Simply open the zipper concealed discreetly in the outer seam, lift up the cover and
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The Carry Floor Sofa

₹ 14,990
The Minimal Living sofa, inspired by Japanese floor level furniture. A “portable” sofa that expands the possibilities of relaxation. The
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Lux Modular Sofa (3 Seater)

₹ 38,990
The world’s ultimate sofa, 1 Sofa, multiple Configurations. This set includes 2 Corner chair & 1 Armless chair. New wave.
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